ImpactStory from your ORCID ID!

Did you hear?  ORCID is now live!

ORCID is an international, interdisciplinary, open, nonprofit initiative to address author name disambiguation.  Anyone can register for an ORCID ID, then associate their publications with their record using CrossRef and Scopus importers.  This community system of researcher IDs promises to streamline funding and scholarly communication.

ImpactStory is an enthusiastic ORCID Launch Partner.  Once your publications are associated with an ORCID record, it is very easy to pull them into an ImpactStory report:

A few details:

  • ImpactStory only imports public publications. If your Works are currently listed in your ORCID profile as “limited” or “private”, you can change them to “public” on your ORCID Works update page.
  • We currently only import Works with dois — stay tuned, we’ll support more work types soon!

Sound good?  Go register for an ORCID ID now and give it a spin!

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