Link your figshare and ImpactStory accounts

We’re big fans of figshare at ImpactStory: it’s one of a growing number of great ways to get research data into the open, where others can build on it.

So we’re excited today to announce figshare account integration in ImpactStory! All you have to do is paste in a figshare account URL; then, in the background, we gather your figshare datasets and report their views, downloads, tweets, and more.

The best part is that you’ll see not just numbers, but your relative impacts compared to the rest of figshare. For instance, here’s a figshare product with 40 views, putting it in at least the 67th percentile compared to other figshare datasets that year.  Here’s an even better one: not only is it in the 97th percentile of views, it’s also been downloaded and tweeted.

If you’ve already got an ImpactStory profile, just click “import products” to add your figshare account (you can also still paste individual DOI’s in the “Dataset DOIs” importer). If you don’t have an ImpactStory account yet, now’s a great time to make one–you can be checking out your figshare impacts in less than five minutes.

figshare’s tagline encourages you to “get credit for all your research.” We think that’s a great idea, and we’re excited about making it easier with ImpactStory.

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