Nature Comment: Altmetrics for Alt-Products

One of our goals at ImpactStory is widespread respect for all kinds of research products.  We therefore celebrate the upcoming NSF Policy change to BioSketch requirements, instructing investigators to list their notable Products rather than their Publications in all grant proposals.  Yay!

This policy change, and the resulting need to gather altmetrics across scholarship, is discussed in a Comment just published in Nature, authored by yours truly:

    Piwowar H. (2013). Value all research products., Nature, DOI:

The article is will be behind a paywall but is free for a few days, so run over and read it quickly!  🙂

I’ve also written up a few supplementary blog posts to the Comment, on my personal blog:

  • the first draft of the article (quite different, and with some useful details that didn’t make it into the final version)
  • behind-the-scenes look at the editorial and copyright process

And here for convenience is the ImpactStory exemplar mentioned in the article:  a data set on an outbreak of Escherichia coli has received 43 ‘stars’ in the GitHub software repository, 18 tweets and two mentions in peer-reviewed articles (see

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