add videos to your ImpactStory profile!

Scientists make videos.  For lots of reasons: to document our protocols, tell the public about our results, raise money, and sometimes just to make fun of ourselvesyoutube

Who’s interacting with the videos we make?  How many people are watching, sharing, discussing, and even citing them in scientific papers?vimeo

You can find out — you can now add your YouTube and Vimeo video research products to your ImpactStory profile!  To add a video to your profile, paste the urls to the videos (ie or into the “Product IDs” box when you create a profile, or click the Add Products button on an existing profile.

Behind the scenes, ImpactStory scours the web and gathers data from the video hosting sites and other providers.  Here’s an example that has some video views, some ‘likes’, a tweet, and a citation in a PLOS paper:


Got videos?  Try it out!

ps We’ve got a few more favorite silly science videos that we’ll add in the comments.  Join us — add your favourites in the comments too : )

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