oaDOI integrated into Ex Libris link resolver SFX

There is a huge appetite for open data around open access publications!

We’ve been overwhelmed by the interest in the oaDOI API since its rollout a few months ago.  People have been doing large data collections for all sorts of reasons, including research studies, supplementing metadata in institutional repositories, and link resolving in library web pages.

We’ll showcase a few of these API uses in the next few weeks.  First up: the integration of oaDOI into the Ex Libris OpenURL link resolver SFX. This is a big rollout: SFX is used today by over 2,000 institutions worldwide. Thanks to Christine Stohn from Ex Libris for this summary:

The rise of publicly-accessible institutional repositories and the increase of individual open access articles in subscription journals opens up research to the wider population. However, it also presents a challenge for institutions to provide access to such publications. OpenURL link resolvers, used to connect users from a reference to accessible full text, provide the availability of articles on the journal issue level in the institution’s knowledgebase, but not on the article level itself. While this works well for articles in subscription and full open access journals, it is problematic for material where only individual articles are open access.

The oaDOI API can meet this need by directing users to a free copy of an article that they may otherwise not have access to. By connecting the oaDOI service to their OpenURL link resolver SFX, Ex Libris enables its users to automatically check if an open access copy is available and obtain the appropriate link to it.

SFX is a very widely implemented service, providing access to millions of articles, ebooks and other material. The oaDOI service fits well into SFX’ intermediary role to connect users with content. SFX is used today by over 2,000 institutions worldwide, opening up such research to a potentially huge user group.

More about SFX and Ex Libris can be found here: http://www.exlibrisgroup.com, http://www.exlibrisgroup.com/category/SFXOverview