Contest: Share your impact story and win a Free T-shirt!


Two years ago, we asked you to share your pains with us. Your feedback enabled us to build a service that helps researchers learn about and share their own “impact stories” every day.

Since then, we’ve grown exponentially. Now, it’s a good time to hear your success stories.

How have you used your Impactstory data, and to what effect? What has Impactstory helped you discover about the reach of your work? How has Impactstory helped your career? 

Some examples of the stories we’ve heard and would love to hear more of include:

  • I used Impactstory to make my case for tenure–and I got it!

  • Impactstory data helped me figure out which of my research projects has “broader impacts,” and I used that information to get a grant!

  • I put Impactstory data on my CV during a job hunt, and got some compliments–and a job!

Knowing more about how you use Impactstory can help us plan which features to implement, and even help us imagine features we haven’t yet dreamed up!

How to participate

Send an email with your story in a paragraph or two to, or post it on our Facebook page.

The author of the best story will receive an Impactstory t-shirt of their choice. And everyone who participates will get their very own stash of Impactstory stickers!

The contest closes next Wednesday, April 23rd, at 12 pm EDT. A winner will be announced here on the Impactstory blog on Thursday, April 24th–stay tuned!

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