Schedule a free Open Access Week 2014 talk on altmetrics and Open Science

We’re offering a limited number of customizable, virtual presentations for researchers at institutions around the world on the following topics during Open Access Week 2014 (Oct. 20-26, 2014):

  • The right metrics for Generation Open: a guide to getting credit for practicing Open Science
  • Altmetrics 101: how to make the most of supplementary impact metrics
  • Why Open Research is critical to your career

Any of these interactive webinars, hosted via Google Hangouts, can be scheduled to include a presentation that lasts between 20-45 minutes, with ample time remaining for a frank discussion about altmetrics, Open Science, and reward and incentives systems in academia. Expect to spend about an hour with us.

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Presentation options

Which presentation is right for your colleagues? We’re offering the following options:

The right metrics for Generation Open: a guide to getting credit for practicing Open Science

You’re not getting all the credit you should for your research. As an early career researcher, you’re likely putting open access versions of your articles online, sharing your research data and software code on GitHub, posting slides and figures on Slideshare and Figshare, and “opening up” your research in many other ways. Yet these Open Science products and their impacts (on other scholars, the public, policymakers, and other stakeholders) are rarely mentioned when applying for jobs, tenure and promotion, and grants.

The traditional means of sharing your impact–citation counts–don’t meet the needs of today’s researchers. What Generation Open needs is altmetrics.

In this presentation, we’ll cover:

  • what altmetrics are and the types of altmetrics today’s researchers can expect to receive,
  • how you can track and share those metrics to get all the credit you deserve, and
  • real life examples of scientists who used altmetrics to get grants and tenure

Altmetrics 101: how to make the most of supplementary impact metrics

What are altmetrics and how can they help *you* as an early career researcher understand the impacts your work has? We’ll cover:

  • the basic types of metrics the average scientist can expect to collect on their work (especially work that’s Open Access) and
  • ways to find and document those metrics to share your scholarly and public impacts with others

Why Open Research is critical to your career

Scholarly communication is changing. More and more research is collaborative, born digital and web-native; scholars now have better means to communicate transparently with each other and the public than ever before; and we’re now able to measure many of the traces that web-native research leaves online to understand all the ways that our work has impact. Are you equipped to make the most of this new, Open scholarly communication landscape? In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • how the nature of research is changing,
  • what steps scholars can take to make their research Open, and
  • new means to measure the impacts of scholarship


Stacy Konkiel, Director of Marketing & Research, Impactstory

Stacy Konkiel, Director of Marketing & Research, ImpactstoryStacy has been an advocate for Open Scholarship since the beginning of her career, but credits her time at Public Library of Science (PLOS) with sparking her interest in altmetrics and other revolutions in scientific communication. Prior, she earned her dual master’s degrees in Information Science and Library Science at Indiana University (2008).

We’re no longer accepting inquiries for OA Week custom presentations

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