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We’re making it easier and more fun to get all of your research into ImpactStory.

Do you have a lot of research at figshare?  Great, just point us to your figshare account!  Or maybe you’ve pulled in coding projects through your Github account.

Starting today, you can also add products from these hosts individually, like datasets you’ve co-authored, or repositories you’ve contributed to.

Just click on the GitHub, figshare, or SlideShare importer tiles and point us to an account, a list of individual products, or both:


Have fun pulling in all of your research products!

Do you have thoughts about other ways it could be easier to get your products into ImpactStory?  We want to hear them!  Suggest and vote at!

Update: We’ve made it even easier to import individual GitHub repositories alongside other individual products you want added to your profile. Check out the Knowledge Base to learn more.

3 thoughts on “import for all occasions

  1. David Ketcheson says:

    This doesn’t work correctly in some cases. For instance, I am a maintainer of code that is under a Github organization, and I have a fork of that code under my own Github account. I have connected my Github account to my ImpactStory account, but I would like ImpactStory to track the organization’s fork of the code (my account fork is just a “development area”; the real repo is the organization fork). When I try to add the organization fork of the code, it increases the number of software products, but still only my account’s fork shows up on my profile. I think ImpactStory considers these to be duplicates. In fact they are duplicates, but the canonical one is the one belonging to the organization account.

    • Hmm. You’re probably correct in guessing that we’re suppressing one iteration with the understanding that it’s a duplicate. What are the two URLs for the repos? I’ll file a help ticket on your behalf so we can deduplicate ’em on the backend.

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