ImpactStory Sloan grant proposal details

We are very happy to post the full text of our recently-funded Sloan grant proposal:

ImpactStory grant proposal to the Sloan Foundation, 2013.  Available on figshare.

We redacted names and letters of support that we don’t have permission to post publicly, but otherwise the proposal, budget, and response letter are posted in full.  Sloan’s process for grants of this size is to send the proposals out for peer review, then forward anonymized representative and/or important excerpts from reviews to the PIs for a quick turn-around response before making their funding decision.  When reading, keep in mind this was written in April: some plans and the landscape have of course changed since then!

These documents join a growing number of grant proposals now openly available online.  We are delighted by this trend: having concrete examples is a big help to newbies (as we know from personal experience!).  Other openly-available Sloan grant proposals:

Have you written grant proposals, Sloan or not, funded or not?  Join us in posting them online!

3 thoughts on “ImpactStory Sloan grant proposal details

  1. Was just thinking I liked this trend, and promise to post our proposal funded by IDRC in 2011 online shortly. Its a great resource for potential grantees to know what funders have approved in the past, and also a great way to fill the public in on your plans.

    Thanks for posting!

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