Farewell to Stacy

We’ve made a lot of happy announcements here on our blog, but today we’re making a sad one: Friday was Stacy’s last day at Impactstory. We’re eliminating our Director of Marketing position, because we need to focus significantly less on marketing and significantly more on finding product-market fit. We’re at a point where we must double down on understanding our users’ needs, and building the product it takes to meet them.

Stacy accomplished amazing things at Impactstory.  Here are just a few:

  • Turned our blog into the top source of information on altmetrics (not just our opinion…we’ve had lots of folks tell us this) for thousands of readers
  • Authored a terrific free e-book on how to raise the profile of scholars’ research
  • Created and ran our successful Advisor program, which is now comprised of researchers and librarians from all over the world
  • Quintupled our followers on Twitter

Stacy is amazing. She’s smart, thorough, engaging, and a terrific combination of idealistic and practical. We’re so proud to have worked beside her.

Impactstory is going to move forward. We’re going to keep learning, keep improving, and we’re ultimately going to transform the world of scholarly communication–thanks in part to the great work that Stacy’s done. That’ll happen. But today, we miss our teammate, and our friend.


PS If you want to hire someone awesome, drop Stacy a line at stacykonkiel@fastmail.fm. Drop us a line and we’ll tell you in more detail just how awesome she is.


4 thoughts on “Farewell to Stacy

  1. Jonathan O'Donnell says:

    Thank you, Stacy. You’ve been a wonderful ambassador for alt metrics. The Research Whisperer is richer and and better informed because of your work.

  2. Stacy, all of us at Altmetric are surprised and sad to see this news! You’ve done some brilliant outreach to raise the profile of altmetrics during your time at Impactstory, and it’s been great to work with you. Thanks for all you’ve done as part of the altmetrics community, and we hope to see you around very soon!

  3. lancaster univ library says:

    Thanks for your work Stacy. We certainly understand more about altmetrics because of you. Good luck 🙂

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